Girli.jpgMy passion lies in creating, I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. Creating is as essential to my existence as breathing. Paint is the medium I use the most to express my creativity.  I love to try to capture the colors I see or shapes in the details of my subjects.

I especially love to paint the human form but I have broad interests and paint a wide variety of subjects. I often experiment with multiple mediums to achieve a new result and am constantly challenging myself as an artist. I find the greatest joy in conveying my vision and channeling my personal perspective into a single image. My ambition is to make a two-dimensional surface look like a three-dimensional object and to capture the way light affects colors and shapes and the details within my focus.

I won my first art competition in the second grade, a draw your pet contest at a local pet store. I have competed and won ribbons in several shows since then, including Best of Show in the Louisville Artisans Guild 34th and 38th Annual Exhibit, First Place in the Mazin Art Exhibition and most recently, First Place in the Louisville Artisans Guild 41st Annual Exhibit.

I attended University of Louisville where I earned a bachelor’s degree in art with a concentration in Graphic Design.